February 27, 2019

Announcement of the names of the candidates for membership of the Board of Directors of Islamic Holding Group 2019-2021

To close the candidature for membership of the Board of Directors on 24/2/2019 for the coming period and the adoption of candidates from the Nominations Committee of the company

Islamic Holding Group announces that it has submitted to the Board of Directors for the non-independent category the number of six candidates, four of whom will be elected by the General Assembly for shareholders:

The company’s representative Candidate’s name for membership is non-independent  
Mohammed Ebrahim M B Al-Sulaiti Qatar International Islamic Bank 1
Salman Abdulla A N Al-Abdulghani Qatar Islamic Insurance Company 2
Sobhy M A Osman Tareeq Al-Haq Trading and Services 3
Mohamed Mostafa Hussin Ahmed Ain Galout Trading and Services 4
——————- A.Hakeem Hamad A A Al-Naimi 5
——————- Salem Mohamed S S Al-Halbadi 6

The candidates for the category of independents are (4) candidates who will be selected (2) of them in the general elections announced on the recommendation of the Nominations and Governance Committee to accept all the candidates:

Representative Candidate name – Independent  
Independent Rashid Nasser R S Al-Kaabi 1
Independent Solaiman Haidar S H Al-Haidar 2
Independent Eisa Khalid E Y Al-Maslamani 3
Independent Mohammed Abdulmoneim M S Al-Sayed 4