Chairman’s message

Over the past few years, Qatar’s economy has delivered a robust performance, as reflected by Qatar’s proven ability to continuously diversify its financial market’s services and activities. Rooted in the measures, Qatar has taken to maintain an increasingly safe investment environment, Qatar’s economy has built on a solid base of trust lying at the foundation of its healthy growth in both the public and private sectors. Despite the multiple economic challenges on the global and regional fronts, Qatar’s economy has proven its resilience, and managed to maintain its position as one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

INMA Holding has contributed to this story of resilience, as demonstrated by its positive performance and significant growth over the past year, despite the economic changes resulting from the global and regional challenges. In line with our stakeholder-focused strategic plan, INMA managed to achieve growth on all fronts, especially financially. We were able to deliver optimal returns to our shareholders, and provide reliable services to our investors. Our core values emphasizing quality, integrity, and reliability have been central to our investment philosophy. We focus on undertaking investments that continue to bring distinctive investment opportunities to INMA and our investors.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank our shareholders and investors for their continued support. Since the inception of INMA, our strategy has focused on creating shareholder’s investment value by building sustainable long-term earnings growth and increasing risk-adjusted returns. As a core pillar to our strategy, we strive to maximize the investment value of our shareholders and investors, while seeking to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns through the diversification of the company’s investments in a safe and profitable environment. This has included strong yields from our investments in Qatar’s market, in addition to the success achieved by our subsidiaries.

In 2020, we started implementing long-term development plans for the holding company and its subsidiaries, which included repositioning INMA’s brand and implementing an optimal corporate structure to ensure our long term prosperity. In line with the development endeavors envisioned by the Board of Directors and through the dedicated work of our team, we are committed to INMA’s continuous progression over the coming years. Well placed to diversify INMA’s activities and sources of income in the coming years, we are fortunate to see signs of further economic recovery through the continuous encouragement to invest in Qatar.

We believe in the performance of Qatar’s market, and the continuous progression and growth of the financial market. With the support, encouragement, and patronage of H.H. The Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, and benefiting from Qatar’s remarkable growth, we maintain confidence in the future as well as the positive projections of Qatar’s economy in the short and long terms. INMA will continue to benefit from the multiple investment opportunities offered by Qatar’s economy, which maintains a leading position regionally and globally.